Growing on Forest Hill

Narcissus blooms, April 2020

Picked between a ❄️ day and a 🌧 day.

Under the Concord grapevine arbor, back when our boys were little and our garden was wild. Zach in yellow, baby Ben in my arms, Dylan on my left. Hiding behind me is 2 year old Owen (you can only see his sneakers!)

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Rambling Roses, June 2018

My morning meditation takes about 20 minutes. Stepping outside, checking on the garden, watering the plants, bringing in a small bouquet for our New England farmhouse dining room table. I wish I could share the scent of these fragrant rambling roses, but just imagine an old-fashioned summer, technology free, listening to the cheerful conversation of nesting birds, while looking out at a rustic landscape warmed by the sun.

Something to smile about.

Baby ducks and crocuses in bloom.

Spring 2020

Baby ducks born in early spring of 2020

We brought home seven baby Pekin ducks on March 25th. 

While we “stay at home” they have grown!

This photo was taken on April 10, 2020. Most of the ducklings were up to almost a full pound in weight. When we brought them home, they were barely 2 oz. and could fit on our hand. When fully grown, they will weigh about 8 to 10 pounds each.

Our Baby Ducks on Instagram

Posting duck updates has become a welcome distraction during our days at home. They regularly appear in our Instagram stories and even on IGTV.


Owen in front of our split rail fence. Behind him are wild biennial phlox.
Shade gardens and woodland delights

Our Forest Hill gardens range from full sun to dappled shade, to wooded areas filled with ferns, moss, and all kinds of natural surprises.

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